This website, The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of St. Martin book and our research and education projects have been done with the help of generous donors.

The first edition of the guide was published in 2010, and an updated second edition will be available in the coming months. The new edition is completely rewritten and contains mostly new photographs. It has been expanded to include more species and more information about individual animals. The first edition is available for free in PDF format here. In keeping with the goal of sharing this information, the second edition will also be available for free online once it is finished.

Wildlife Education Project

What if we gave the children of St. Martin the tools and guidance to learn how to study the wildlife around them? What if dozens of them developed a lifelong interest in local wildlife? What if a handful went on to get university degrees in biology and returned to study the wildlife of our island? How much would our knowledge of local wildlife improve in five, ten or twenty years?

Here on the web site, and in person on St. Martin, we are trying to raise $4,500 to provide free or subsidized copies of the book to schools, libraries and other institutions. As part of this program, presentations and other events (e.g., guided nature walks) will take place to promote wildlife education for students and the general public. All funds raised will be applied directly to this project, primarily the cost of printing, shipping and distributing the books, and expenses required for presentations and other events. A PDF describing our wildlife education program is available here.

The goal is to distribute at least 300 books through this program, the majority going to St. Martin and a smaller number to nearby islands and key institutions in the broader Caribbean. The total number of books distributed will depend on the success of our fundraising and the actual costs of the project. Regardless of whether we hit our target, we will use the funds we do raise to distribute as many books and visit as many classes as we can.

Follow these links to Make a Donation, Sponsor a School Visit or help us obtain the items on our Wish List.

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