As part of our ongoing exploration of the wildlife of St. Martin, we participate in a variety of research projects, on our own and with other organizations. These include:

  • Sea turtle nesting monitoring, with the Réserve Nationale Naturelle de Saint-Martin. We monitor beaches on St. Martin during the sea turtle nesting season from April-November each year, recording nesting activity.
  • We do waterbird counts on St. Martin during the annual Caribbean Waterbird Census. These surveys help identify important waterbird sites and improve our understanding of waterbird populations in the Caribbean.
  • Songbird banding with EPIC (Environmental Protection in the Caribbean). This long-running banding project helps us understand local bird populations and the migrant songbirds overwintering here from North America. With over ten years of data, this project can help identify cyclical and long-term changes in bird populations.
  • We collect data about various insects for the Société Entomologique Antilles Guyane, with a particular focus on longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae).
  • We are working with the Island Biogeography team in their efforts to identify the spiders of the Caribbean and understand their distribution.
  • We have donated the use of photos to ARKive, a website that showcases threatened and endangered species.
  • We are currently conducting an inventory of reptile species on the islets surrounding St. Martin.
      We will be posting updates to our research projects on the blog under the Research category, which you can find here.

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