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Stick Insect


The stick insect, or walking stick is quite common, but difficult to find because it is very well camouflaged and primarily active at night. We are still unsure of the exact identity of the species found on St. Martin. Often insects from this order are endemic to individual islands or small regions. In two of these photos, the walking stick […]

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Monkey Business

Vervet monkeys are native to Africa, but were brought to the Caribbean during the colonial era, where they became established on St. Kitts and Barbados in the 17th century. They are thought to be a relatively recent introduction to St. Martin, probably from released pets that were brought from St. Kitts. The first recorded sighting I’ve read about is from […]

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Ragged Egret

This cattle egret seems to be having some medical issues. Binkie at Sint Maarten Birding actually saw the same egret the other day (https://www.facebook.com/SintMaartenBirding). I don’t know what caused this, but it seems like some sort of infection. Perhaps someone who knows about these things could weigh in. Since they do forage in the water sometimes, I would imagine that […]

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Fishing Gallinule

The common gallinule normally eats seeds of grasses and some snails, but apparently they will also scavenge other food when available. This gallinule chick is eating a small tilapia. I don’t think it would have been able to catch a live fish, but there were a number of dead ones floating nearby, so it probably scavenged this one from the […]

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Tobacco Hornworm

I borrowed this sphinx moth, known as the tobacco hornworm, for some photos. I think this is the fourth or fifth species of sphinx moth I’ve found in the exact same spot. They are attracted to the lights at night, and then just rest on the wall during the day. If I went there every day, perhaps I’d be able […]

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Here are a few photos of a pair of black-necked stilts on the Great Salt Pond.

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Our Smallest Bird

Learn about St. Martin’s smallest bird in this week’s Bird Watch SXM article in The Daily Herald.

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Education Program Survey Results

For most of the classes that attended wildlife presentations this week, we began and ended by asking them a series of questions. (Some groups were too young to understand how to do a survey by a show of hands.) Although the survey was designed to be easy at the expense of being super-scientific, it did show that there were areas […]

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