Wildlife of St. Martin, 1st Edition


The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Saint Martin is a wildlife guide for the island of St. Martin (Sint Maarten) in the Lesser Antilles. It covers all types of terrestrial animals, from mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians to insects, spiders, crustaceans and mollusks. It is a full-color paperback featuring over 400 photos of animals taken on the island, as well as information about the animals and their role in the ecology of the island.

Every island is ecologically unique, with its own assemblage of fauna that have arrived by natural dispersion and human transport. St. Martin is no exception, and it also has a number of endemic species found nowhere else in the world. This guide offers a unique look into the wildlife of this small island. The book is written to be accessible to a general audience, telling the story of St. Martin’s wildlife through both science and local knowledge.

This book is a window into St. Martin’s natural heritage. The goal is to share these wonders with as many people as possible, from the tourists who may be spending a day or a week on the island to the residents who have lived here their entire lives. Most importantly, it exists to generate interest in wildlife amongst the youth of the island, who will be responsible for taking care of St. Martin in the future.

The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of St. Martin is available online at CreateSpace, although the new, 2nd edition is recommended.

It is also available on St. Martin at the Philipsburg Museum, Marigot Museum, St. Maarten Zoo, Good Cards in Simpson Bay, Van Dorp, Maison de la Presse in Marigot and most Shipwreck Shops.

The guide contains a wide variety of wildlife from the island, from mammals, birds and reptiles to insects, spiders and other invertebrates. It has over 400 color photographs taken on St. Martin.

A PDF of the full guide is available for free here, so that anyone who is interested in St. Martin wildlife can learn about it.

We are an island offering everything from breath-taking views and amazing cuisine but at our core we are a unique destination with stories to share. This guide and fundraising project are important to educate – especially children – of the amazing wildlife our island is home to.”
– Edward Dest, Interim Director, St. Maarten Tourist Bureau

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