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A St. Martin Mystery

There’s something strange under the sand at the far end of Grand Case Bay. What is it and how did it get there? Help us solve this mystery!

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Amuseum Naturalis Celebrates 5,000 Visitors with Free Ebook

It’s only been two months since Amuseum Naturalis officially launched its 2017 season in January, but the free natural history museum has already had over 5,000 visitors this year. To celebrate, Amuseum Naturalis creators Les Fruits de Mer are sharing a free ebook, Caribbean Curiosities: Island of Change. This ebook is the second volume in …

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Caribbean Curiosities: Land of the Blind

St. Martin was once home to a rather beautiful snake, the Leeward Island Racer. It was given the scientific name Alsophis rijgersmaei in honor of St. Martin’s 19th century physician and naturalist Dr. Hendrik Elingsz van Rijgersma. If you’re lucky, you might still see it on Anguilla or St. Barts. On this island, it seems …

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Caribbean Curiosities: A Giant Problem?

Giant can be a relative term. The Giant African Land Snail is definitely a giant among land snails, even if it is only a few inches long. It also manages to be one of the world’s worst invasive species, but it is it a giant problem on St. Martin? What’s the big deal about this …

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Ecole Les Oisillons at the Amuseum

If you haven’t scheduled a group visit to Amuseum Naturalis, what are you waiting for? School classes, youth groups and any type of group are invited. You can email us or use the form on the Amuseum Naturalis website to schedule a group visit in March or April. Read more about our group visit program …

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9th Annual Tacousteau

Thanks to everyone who came to the 9th annual Tacousteau. It’s hard to believe we’ve celebrated tacos and Jacques Cousteau films for so many years! Special thanks to Tim for sharing his photos with us!

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