We currently write weekly columns for The Daily Herald and, as well as one-off pieces about wildlife and conservation for various publications.



Bird Watch, a weekly column for the Weekender section of The Daily Herald.

Know St. Maarten, Bird by Bird
Voyage of the Whimbrel
All Dressed Up, but Not for Long
Migratory Birds Deserve Celebration
Every Bird Band Tells a Story
The Osprey, Hawk of the Sea
The Common Gallinule: Thriving on St. Maarten
American Oystercatchers: Shellfish Loving Families
St. Maarten’s Smallest Bird
The Ruddy Duck: Blue-billed Bully
The Sugar Bird: a Mystery Among Us
American Kestrel: Our Familiar Falcon
A Tale of Two Doves
House Sparrow: the Great Colonizer
Mangrove Cuckoo: Loud, but Secretive
Ready for a Snipe Hunt?
The Carib grackle found a home on St. Maarten
Could flocks of birds bring flocks of tourists?
Tiny islands are a big deal!
Currently tied for last place…
Gardeners on the wing
Garbage collectors and pest controllers
Birds: a gateway to science and conservation
Our canaries in the coal mine
Wet classrooms, feathered teachers
Enjoy birding: are you a birder?
Enjoy birding: hone your observation skills
Enjoy birding: books and binoculars
Enjoy birding: one bird
Enjoy birding: location, location, location
Enjoy birding: time and season
Enjoy birding: get scientific!
Enjoy birding: join the paparazzi!
Summer laughter
The migrants arrive
Bird shots: getting close
Bird shots: zoom zoom
Bird shots: using light
Bird shots: backgrounds
Bird shots: the second subject
Bird shots: one with the flock
Bird shots: sweet spots
Bird shots: bio boost
Becoming a BirdSleuth
Storm Survivors
Bird shots: composition tools
Bird shots: composition rules
Bird shots: select and organize
Bird shots: post-production
Bird shots: time to share
Resolutions for the birds
Minor Miracles
Voyage of the Dove
Battle of the Dinosaurs
What are they thinking?
Bird TEK
The Dry Time
Eye on Endemics: Caribbean Elaenia
Eye on Endemics: Green-throated Carib
Eye on Endemics: Gray Kingbird
Eye on Endemics: Black-faced Grassquit
The Deadliest Island?
A Window into the Past
What’s in a name?
What will they find?



A Piece of Wild Life, a web column featuring local wildlife.

Forest Katydid
The most dangerous animal on St. Martin
The Endemic Leaf Katydid of St. Martin
The Stick Insect
The Fascinating and Dangerous Life of the Oleander Aphid
Étang de la Barrière, a Place for Birds
High Season for Shorebirds
Fashions of the Crab-eater
Dewdrop Spiders
Anolis pogus


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  1. […] For the Bird Watch SXM column in The Daily Herald’s Weekender, I am starting a series on bird photography. The first article came out today and I will try to post some additional tips on the blog here between articles. Also, if you don’t get The Daily Herald, there is a mostly complete archive of Bird Watch SXM columns online here: […]

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