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Workshop at St. Martin Book Fair

The 11th annual St. Martin Book Fair is coming up soon: May 30 – June 1. The book fair is one of my favorite events on the island and I’m sure this year will be better than ever. This year’s theme is Drum Beats, and on June 1st I will be conducting a workshop as part of the fair. In keeping with the theme, it will be:

Wildlife Beats: The Rhythms of Nature in St. Martin
Biology, time, climate, weather and even people contribute to the polyrhythmic, ever-changing song of life on the whole island of St. Martin. Naturalist and author Mark Yokoyama explores these tempos and how they impact the island’s unique fauna. From the daily changing of the guard between diurnal and nocturnal animals, to seasonal rhythms between wet and dry seasons, the shorter measures of this song are familiar to residents and visitors. Longer cycles, lasting decades, centuries, or more often happen at an imperceptible pace, but also impact our wildlife in many fascinating ways. A slideshow of the animals being discussed brings this story to life.

University of St. Martin, Rm 101, Saturday, June 1, 11am – 12:30pm

The workshop is free and open to the public and I’m sure there will be many other great workshops as well. Put it on your calendar, and follow the St. Martin Book Fair on Facebook for more updates on the fair:


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