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New Amblypygid on SXM?

Here’s a photo of one of the amblypygids (also known as whipspiders or tailless whipscorpions) that I saw at Loterie Farm with the kids from the Be the Change/Nature Foundation program. When I saw it, and even when I was posting the photos, I assumed it was Phrynus goesii, the species we usually see here. However, Karl Questel pointed out that it has fewer spines on its pedipalps (the leg-like appendages that, in a whipspider are shaped like vicious claws) so it is a species of Charinus. This is interesting because it means it is either the species found in St. Barths, which was previously not found on any other island, or it could be a new species. Not bad for a two-hour hike in the woods!


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