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Bringing Local Wildlife to the Tourist Experience

A few weeks ago we put copies of The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Saint Martin in all the rooms at a great boutique hotel in Grand Case. We’ve also been attending their weekly cocktail party to mingle with guests and teach them some interesting things about local wildlife. So far, it’s been a great experience, and the first TripAdvisor review mentioning the guide just popped up.

Even though residents, particularly kids, are the most important audience for the book, it is also important to make St. Martin’s unique wildlife a part of the tourism experience. I think it is a way to help visitors forge a deeper connection with the island and what it has to offer!

“…On the Wednesday night, they had a cocktail party with live music, an open bar and delicious appetizers. Each room had a copy of a wildlife reference book and the author was at the party, signing books if you wanted one. We truly could not have had a better time.”

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