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Voice of Our Children

Tune in to 102.7FM from 5-6pm this evening and listen to Voice of Our Children, a radio show hosted by local youth. Les Fruits de Mer co-founder Mark Yokoyama is the guest this week and they discuss Caribbean birds, BirdsCaribbean and the upcoming End…

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Eye on Endemics: Caribbean Originals

In preparation for the upcoming 2016 Endemic Animal Festival, Les Fruits de Mer has released a free eBook—Eye on Endemics: Caribbean Originals— featuring full-color photos and fascinating info about some of the captivating lizards, birds, and insects found only on this island or only in our region. The book is available for free download on …

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EAF Featured in Le Bon Air

We’re quite excited to have our upcoming Endemic Animal Festival featured in Le Bon Air, the in-flight magazine of Air Antilles. Or, I guess I should say Festival des Animaux Endémiques!

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Wild Statia: Capturing the Changes

Wild Statia takes a second look at the wealth of information presented in the recent Journal of Caribbean Ornithology article about Statia. In addition to compiling records of species never seen on the island before, the article also shares data on populations that have been changing in recent years. The full article from the JCO …

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Les Fruits de Mer Launches Rhum Biologique

It started with a chance discovery and a quirk of Caribbean biological research. During the development of their free pop-up natural history museum, Amuseum Naturalis, members of Les Fruits de Mer found a cache of antique biological specimens in the attic of the building and a product was born: Rhum Biologique. “Strong rum was the …

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