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MBF 2015: Migrants Everywhere

Birds—both migrants and year-round residents—are all over right now. They are resourceful, and many of the shorebirds and other wetland species will use any body of water available to them. As long as it has crabs, snails, aquatic insects or other food for them, that is. Check out a few photos here, but don’t forget …

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MBF 2015: University of St. Martin

We are very excited to be putting on the Migratory Bird Festival at University of St. Martin this year. It is a wonderful location for easy access to migratory birds and they are a fantastic event partner. About University of St. Martin The University of St. Martin is committed to offering quality career and academic …

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Bird Watch SXM: What will they find?

Everyone on St. Martin—not to mention the plants and animals around us—is deeply familiar with the drought that has gripped the island in recent months. To the migratory birds that are just arriving from North America, it must be quite a surprise. What will they find when they arrive? We take a look in this …

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Wild Statia: The First Sphaero

Science and history collide in the story of how the first Sphaerodactylus dwarf gecko species was collected on Statia.

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